Reflective Paper 2

Reflective Paper 2 - come in clumps like my professors...

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Daniel Wong 10/4/11 University 101 Reflective Paper 2 The major stresses in my life right now are classes, homework, and pledging. I find that I do not have a lot of time to make and hang out with new friends. I also do not get a lot of sleep, especially on the weekends. Classes are a major stress because if I miss a class then I become very behind and I sometimes will not want to wake up for my morning classes. Homework is also a big stressor because it seems like my tests and projects
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Unformatted text preview: come in clumps, like my professors planned it that way. The majority of my homework is very trivial and mainly just a review of things I already know. The biggest thing that stresses me out is pledging. It takes up the majority of my time and consumes my whole weekend. Tailgate is a real bitch to set up every Saturday. There is a lot of pressure to not mess up in whatever task we have to do. It just seems that everything we do is wrong....
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