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Univ 101, One Year Ago

Univ 101, One Year Ago - I have more freedom to be myself...

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Daniel Wong 9/8/11 University 101 Reflective Paper The major differences between my life as is now and as it was one year ago are being in college, living on my own, living in South Carolina, and being single. Last year I was a senior at Northwest Cabarrus High in Concord, North Carolina. The courses I took last year had easier course material in general compared to the literature we have now for all my classes. Last year I lived with my parents and my room was considerably larger than the dorm I am currently sharing with my roommate. Since I am enrolled at The University of South Carolina, naturally I live here in Columbia as apposed to North Carolina. One year ago I had a girl friend back home, but I do not have one in college.
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Unformatted text preview: I have more freedom to be myself and make my own choices here at college compared to back home where I was under the scrutiny of my parents and long time peers. Half the people I see daily here I will not see next year most likely, so its comforting to know that if I dislike someone. The only negative situation I am in right now is I do not have my car at college yet. A year ago I could hop in my car and go visit friends or go eat anytime I wanted, but now I have to walk everywhere which is frustrating, especially going to Strom. I am also now doing my laundry instead of mom doing my clothes for me....
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