Birth Order Outline

Birth Order Outline - Birth order affects need for...

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Daniel Wong 10.12.11 Outline Birth Order 1. Working Thesis : Yes, birth order affects one’s personality Social skills Need for attention Cooperativeness/independence 2. Lead-In Paragraph : Use a question 3. Set Up Paragraph : Birth order affects personality by influencing social skills, need for attention, and cooperativeness 4. Background : How previous cultures viewed birth order affected people (Bible, Greeks, Romans) 5. Supporting Points/Evidence : Social skills are affected by birth order because it denotes whether someone has anyone to interact with. Evidence>psychological study
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Unformatted text preview: Birth order affects need for attention because younger siblings have to work harder to receive attention. Evidence>scientific study Cooperativeness and independency are linked to birth order because depending what order you are born into, these traits are acquired. Evidence>study 6. Counter Points : Social skills are inversely affected by birth order than the main points suggest. Evidence>study 7. Conclusion: Answer questions asked in the beginning Leave it open to interpretation...
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Birth Order Outline - Birth order affects need for...

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