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Daniel Wong 10.12.11 English 101 Lead In Paragraph Birth Order Is the first-born or “alpha male” superior or different in comparison to their sibling(s)? It is an age-old discussion, dating back to Biblical times. In the Old Testament, the first-born received all special benefits: inheritance, title, and respect. The first-born was protected during the ten plagues of Egypt. Cain received all of the birthrights. Joseph was weaker and picker on by his older siblings. In the Greek society, children who were not the first-born were often portrayed as weak or less manly, for example, Paris in comparison to Hector.
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Unformatted text preview: Are theses stereotypes true? Or are they over exaggerated claims that have grown over time? Modern studies tend to show that there are in fact subtle differences according to the order one is born. One of the most influential aspects that birth order influences is personality. Various parts of one’s personality that are impacted are one’s social skills, one’s need for attention, and one’s level of cooperativeness and dependency. Through the rest of the paper, we will battle between the old view of birth order and the modern view of birth order, to see which is correct....
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