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Daniel Wong 10/6/11 Annoted Bibliography Devine, Jane. Going Beyond Google: The Invisible Web in Learning and Teaching . Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc. 2009. This book has the basics of the internet and the deep web, how to access it and what types of information is in the deep web. Good source. Farivar, Cyrus. The Internet Of Elsewhere . 2011. This book has basic concepts of the internet and how it works. Will be good for basic terms of the internet and gathering information. "Invisible Web: What It Is, Why It Exists, How to Find It, and Its Inherent Ambiguity." The Library-University of California, Berkeley . Web. 06 Oct. 2011. <>. Good definition of the invisible web, gives websites that you can use to access it.
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Unformatted text preview: %3D%3D#db=buh&AN=25002324 Good article explaining the deep web. Has lots of examples of types of information that cannot be accessed through search engines. Q%3D %3D#db=buh&AN=65087578 Good article that gives a good explanation and how to access the deep web. Easy terms to understand.
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Annoted Bibliography Speech 140 -...

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