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So everyone here likes music, right? Well if you just listen to your music through, say, computer speakers or headphones then you are missing a very important part: bass. Once you’ve listened to a song when with a subwoofer you can tell that the song doesn’t sound complete if you hear it with regular speakers. Most people will buy a subwoofer and amp for their car, but installing it can cost around $150. You can save a lot of money if you install it yourself. Today I will be showing you how to install and amplifier and subwoofer yourself which would only take around an hour or so 1. Amplifier: battery that powers sub, different size amps 2. Sub: large speaker that produces low frequency sounds
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Talk about what wires do what Things you need: 1. Amp 2. Sub, box 3. Wires: power wire, ground,speaker,RCA,remote wire 4. Aftermarker headunit (optional) How to: 1. Disconnect negative battery 2. Power wire 3. Rca cables to aftermarket radio, opposite of power wire, talk about with regular head unit 4. Ground wire to metal bolt 5. Speaker wire to sub, + and -6. Remote wire to drivers seat 7. Insert fuse 8. Reconnect battery So if you are thinking about improving how you listen to your music and decide to install a subwoofer and amplifier, hopefully you can save a couple bucks and do it yourself. Thank you....
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