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Block 3 Schedule Academic Integrity (AI) in the University Community Textbook Reference: Everything’s an Argument, Chap. 18, pp. 536-47 Mon., 10/17 Block 3 Schedule; AI background information; AI general questions sheet Block 3 research questions Wed., 10/19 AI general questions class discussion; OSU AI website assignment D2L PRINTOUT: AI POLICY COMPARISON/CONTRAST TABLE Fri., 10/21 OSU AI website assignment class discussion; AI policy comparison/contrast table; research question 1 DUE; OSU website works cited entry (have Hacker text) Mon ., 10/24 Block 3 essay assignment; research question 2 DUE ; scholarly journal article works cited entry (have Hacker text) HOMECOMING WEEK: “AMERICA’S GREATEST” HOMECOMING CELEBRATION!!! Wed., 10/26 Preliminary thesis/outline class discussion; research question 3 DUE Deadline for submission of final resume w/first draft stapled to the back. D2L PRINTOUT: BLOCK 3 PRELIMINARY THESIS/OUTLINE FORM Fri., 10/28 CELEBRATE STATE Voluntary conferences, M403 BEAT BAYLOR!!! Mon., 10/31
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