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Team: ____________________________________________ Worth 5 / 15 points HES 1112 Nutritional Sciences Community Wellbeing Plan of Action It’s important to be proactive and plan ahead for your group’s community wellbeing project. This form is worth 5 of the 15 points that you could potentially receive for your community wellbeing project. The other 10 points will be added at the completion of your project. This plan of action will help you to brainstorm ideas, plan for specific events, times and dates, etc. Keep in mind that you will be evaluating each group member’s participation and effectiveness in the planning and executing of the community wellbeing project. Name of event or organization (if applicable): ________________________________________________________________ Note: required Sorority or Fraternity events DO NOT COUNT Location of community service (Stillwater, Tulsa, OKC, etc.): _____________________________________________________ Date(s) of your attendance/participation:
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