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MUSI 1533 Music Theory Honors Project Guidelines 2011

MUSI 1533 Music Theory Honors Project Guidelines 2011 -...

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MUSI 1533 Music Theory Honors Project Guidelines, 2011 The honors project is a large-scale composition project that is to be completed in five stages. The final product will be a completed musical score in a notation program (i.e. Finale, Sibelius, etc.) and a public performance of the work. This composition will be based on a counterpoint assignment that will subsequently be expanded into a four-voice harmonization. Please provide a hard copy of your score for each submission deadline. I will provide both written and oral feedback throughout the course of the semester in order to help you improve upon your project. For the composition, write a four-part harmony for any combination of instruments (i.e. string quartet, SATB vocal ensemble, etc.). Please keep in mind that this will be easier if you select a combination of instruments that will give you a greater range with which to work. For example, writing for four flutes gives you a limited range. A saxophone quartet will give you greater flexibility.
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