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Music Theory Counterpoint First Species Guidelines 6-27-2010

Music Theory Counterpoint First Species Guidelines...

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J. Loeffert Rules and Guidelines for Two Voice First-Species (1:1) Counterpoint Defining harmonic consonances and dissonances: Perfect Consonances: P1/P8; P5; (**P4 melodic consonant, but harmonic dissonance) Imperfect Consonances: M3/m6; m3/M6 Dissonances: Everything else (P4, 2nds, 7ths) including diminished and augmented intervals Rules: Rule 1: Only consonant harmonic intervals are permitted (P1, P8, P5, M/m3, M/m6). Perfect fourths are considered harmonic dissonances and are not permitted. Rule 2: Consecutive perfect intervals of the same type (i.e. two P5s in a row or two P8s in a row) are not permitted (parallel perfect intervals). Rule 3: Approach perfect consonances using contrary motion. An approach to a perfect consonance by similar motion is only permitted when the top voice moves by step. Rule 4: Begin and end the counterpoint on scale degree ^1. If the counterpoint is above the cantus firmus, the counterpoint can begin on scale degree ^5. (The counterpoint can begin with the harmonic interval of a
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