OSU Fall 2011 MUSI 1533 Syllabus

OSU Fall 2011 MUSI 1533 Syllabus - MUSIC 1533 THEORY OF...

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MUSIC 1533: THEORY OF MUSIC I Oklahoma State University Fall Semester, 2010 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Jeffrey Loeffert Phone: 405.744.2902 Office: SCPA 004 email: [email protected] OFFICE HOURS will be Mondays and Wednesdays between 9:30 a.m. – 10:20 a.m. I am also available by appointment. § CLASS: MWF 10:30-11:20, SCPA 123 LABS: M 1:30-1:55, SCPA 124 (16519 007) M 1:55-2:20, SCPA 124 (16520 008) T 12:30-12:55, SCPA 124 (16517 005) T 12:55-1:20, SCPA 124 (16514 002) T 1:30-1:55, SCPA 124 (16513 001) W 2:55-3:20, SCPA 124 (16515 003) W 3:30-3:55, SCPA 124 (16516 004) R 12:30-12:55, SCPA 124 (16518 006) § TEXTS: The required text for the course is Tonal Harmony , 6 th ed., by Stefan Kostka and Dorothy Payne. You will also be required to have the corresponding workbook and CDs as well as 8 ½ x 11 inch manuscript paper and pencils. Assignments and other information packets will be available on the D2L Course Site for you to print. Often, I will present assignments to you electronically. Suggested Reference Texts: Jane Piper Clendinning and Elizabeth West Marvin, The Musician’s Guide to Theory and Analysis , 2 nd ed., W. W. Norton, 2010. Steven Laitz, The Complete Musician , 2 nd ed., Oxford, 2008. (There are many excellent text books for music theory. Please contact me should you wish to obtain other reference texts). § MUSIC 1533 (MUSIC THEORY I): Music Theory I will initially devote attention to the basic facets of music notation and music language. When those elements are mastered, we will begin to learn the technical tools of the art of music and the broader concepts that govern them. By the end of semester, we will have learned the basic elements of harmonic function and be prepared to begin part writing. § KEYBOARD LAB: All students in Music 1533 are required to be enrolled in a Music 1533 keyboard lab, meeting for one 25-minute session each week beginning with week 2. § COURSE ORGANIZATION: The course spans the entire semester and is designed to function continuously through a four semester sequence. You will be given regular written assignments throughout the session. These written assignments (homework) may be done individually or in groups of two to four members. If you opt to work in a group, each member who contributes to the assignment must sign his/her name on the
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OSU Fall 2011 MUSI 1533 Syllabus - MUSIC 1533 THEORY OF...

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