Stress 2, Shear Stress

Stress 2, Shear Stress - C. <:>11\ V\ ~e.- h...

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Unformatted text preview: C. <:>11\ V\ ~e.- h ,,"'s ; "\ -1'0 I V : "~- 'v\ \--~c-hc- e... S - 'J \ v.. d ~ o'o,,+S v - A / F F ,,/ F ,,/ / r: (a) / ,0 ,- (tl) 'S he--er ~o...rL.e.. v= F A'fe-a-=-A A - B H- cross - ~ /" \1=,.- ,. C<;) ,.. 2" Ie) (dl 1-39. "The lever is held to the fIxed shalt using a tapered pin 1\ R, whieh has a mean diametcr 01' (j mm. If a couple is "1-34. The column is subjectecJ to ,1n axial force or 1\ kN at its top. If the cross-sectional arca has the dimensions shown in the figure. ddcrminc the aver'! 'e normal stress 'Icting at applied to the I<.'ver, determine the dv'-'rage shear stress in the pin bet\\cen the pin and lever, section II-II, Show this distribution of "tress acting ov r the area's cross 'c tion. x kN ItJmm 12 Illll) H 70 Illm .\ 70 Illill (./ 250 Dllll 25lJ Dllll (./ !--I 2lJ r\ 2ll l\ "1-42. The :1o-lh lamp i~ supportcd by three steel rods connectcd by a ring <II /\. Determinc which rod is subjected to the greater <lverage normal stress and compute its value....
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Stress 2, Shear Stress - C. <:>11\ V\ ~e.- h...

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