08-23 Intro - Dr. Gregory Miller Fall 2011 Office: Murray...

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Unformatted text preview: Dr. Gregory Miller Fall 2011 Office: Murray 202 Phone: 405‐744‐2696 Email: TBA Office Hours: TTh 10:00‐12:30; 3:30‐4:00 “The word ‘politics’ is derived from the word poly meaning ‘many’, and the word ticks, meaning ‘blood sucking parasites’.” -- Larry Hardiman TA: Megan Thomas Office: Murray 222 Email: tmeg@ostatemail.okstate.edu Office Hours: TBA Objective view of government Understand the development of American democracy Understand the structure of American government Improve your interest in the work of government Assignment Introductory Survey Plagiarism Quiz Ideology Survey & Write‐up Simulation and Report Exam 2 Exams Final Exam Points 5 15 30 100 Dates 8/23 8/25‐10/13 9/13 11/10‐11/22 100 each 9/22, 11/1 150 12/15 Total Possible Points 500 Electronic Textbook / Passcode Schmidt, Shelley, and Bardes, American Government and Politics Today, 2009‐2010 (Wadsworth, 2009). Attendance D2L D2L Emails Make‐up Exams Misc. Be civilized Respect all opinions Arrive on time Do not talk over your neighbors or me If you’re sleepy, stay home 1 If you have other work to do, stay home Turn off cell phones and pagers If you expect a call, talk to me before class If you must leave early, let me know before class and sit by an exit No laptops/computers without permission Let’s be honest… You’re forced to be here! Affects our daily behavior: Government Government makes and enforces our laws Citizens are sent to foreign countries to fight Must understand it before you can change it Affects our wallet: Price of goods/food/gasoline Repayment of student loans Taxes The central theme for the semester: Interests Political outcomes determined by powerful interests Identities / Ideologies / Culture Outcomes determined by values and beliefs of political actors Institutions Outcomes determined by organization of society and government 2 ...
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This note was uploaded on 10/12/2011 for the course POLS 1113 taught by Professor Dr.anderson during the Fall '07 term at Oklahoma State.

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08-23 Intro - Dr. Gregory Miller Fall 2011 Office: Murray...

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