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Tulsa Community College Tips to Logging In To Various Software Systems Student Level Username Password 1. TCCNet (on campus only) firstname_lastname Tcc_TCC ID# [ex: jane_smith789] Tcc_20012345 2. TED ‘T’ + TCC ID # MMDDYY [ T29876543 ] [081690] 3. Blackboard TCC ID # MMDDYY 4. TCC Portal (access MyTCC ) firstname_lastname MMDDYY TCC Net First Time Users CTL + ALT + DEL Keys (hold down in that order) Select ‘Switch Users’ Enter your firstname_lastname ( there may be numbers added to your name for clarity; if you can't log on, please check with Registrar for correct Email name.)
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Unformatted text preview: • Enter initial Password: Tcc + 12345678, where the numbers are your TCC ID #. • Change Password when prompted (one you will not forget): o Must have 2 of 3: ONE CAPITAL letter; ONE SPECIAL Char (#, %, *, etc); and ONE NUMBER – and be 8 characters in length. o Example: d E m pas $ or A$t udent or r 3 membr ! REMEMBER TO LOG OFF ANY SYSTEM OR SYSTEMS YOU ARE USING WHEN YOU LEAVE THE COMPUTER. [PASSWORD resets: 595-2000 ] TCC Student Technical Service: 595-2000...
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