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Text–Based Intervention - Inference Map (Example) Created by David Newman speech speech speech-language pathologist language pathologist language pathologist language pathologist Language in Text ‘When Jerome’s spade made a clanging sound, his hopes ignited. Was the legend about buried treasure true after all?’ Information I know A spade is made of metal and is used to dig holes. A clanging sound is made when metal strikes metal. Pirates used to bury treasure Hidden Information
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Unformatted text preview: • Jerome is digging a hole. • The clanging sound is the spade hitting a metallic object. • Pirates buried treasure in metallic boxes. It could be treasure! Best Fit Answer! Best Fit Answer! Best Fit Answer! Best Fit Answer! Jerome is digging for treasure, but can’t believe that he will find any. His metal spade strikes something metallic. Something long buried perhaps. It could be buried treasure, or it could be nothing. But Jerome’s hopeful it’s the former....
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