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Greece screwing up debt after help from EU. Hurts Portugal Berlusconi, sarkosy meet to discuss immigration problem in Europe Sarkosy and Berlusconi want to rework the EU immigration policy and allow countries to stop immigration based on special circumstances Yemen president Saleh is going to step down in 30 days Know jimmy carter’s picture Ussr helps in north korea, usa helps in south korea. Leads to Korean war Korean war was the first UN action Recognize General MacArthur for final exam MacArhur wanted to attack china North Korea has no electricity Average north Korean is 6 inches shorter than south Korean 6 party talks- international coalition of countries to try to make north korea not so crazy North Korea, South Korea, United States, China, Russia, Japan China uses North Korea as a political card Entirely possible korea can be unified peacefully or there will be crazy shit Tons of chinese soldiers on the border with North Korea. Islam from Mecca and Medina One true Koran in Arabic because Islamic people say it can never be translated because it’s the
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Unformatted text preview: word of god. 4/28/11 Blast rocks Moroccan café People pissed in Yemen because Saleh gets 100% immunity when he steps down Border dispute in Cambodia and Thailand. Became violent Russia and china veto Syrian intervention Turkey is taking on big rule as mediator in middle east Bin Laden is Saudi. Started as a terrorist against saudi government because they are unpure 90%sunni 10%shia Shi in iran, Bahrain, Iraq French have mandate in Syria after world war 1. Didn’t want French mandate. Wanted United States. Largest populations of Jews is in United states Zion movement 1900-1947. Movement to regain historic homeland Two state solution. Passed in 1947 1948 israel declares independence 1967 six days war. Egypt Jordan Syria attack Israel. Lasted 6 days until Israel kicked ass. Took over gaza strip and west bank and Sinai peninsula . and Golan heights. Egypt really wanted peninsula back. Recognized Israel for land back....
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