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General Research: ESSENTIALS: “Rule #1: All advertising must take the customer’s view” pg.9 “Clustering Consumers: Developing Target Markets” pg.48 GREAT “Does a mere idle glance reveal some reason for anyone out there to pause?” pg.35 goes into existing interest, headline use this “existing interest bit as a transition into specific audience Illustrations pg.59 “Write first for clarity” pg.97 CHAPTER 9 HOW TO CONDENSE Pg.105
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Unformatted text preview: Not what already know No passive voice Know when to STOP HUMOR Pg.77 Cartoons make small space ads stand out Pg.65 utterly impossible situations are not good in humorous advertising WASHINGTONPOSTADS.COM Different days-different sections-different advertisement Will often have consumer polls, such as 74% of readers own house, 66% women YELLOW IS INTEREST GREEN IS SPACIAL USE BLUE IS SPECIFIC AUDIENCE...
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