SPEECH Analysis - Hunter Hegmann Analysis While the...

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Hunter Hegmann Analysis While the interview as a whole was a successful conversation, with some nonverbal communication aiding in Mr. McCraw and my understanding of each other, some nonverbal elements detracted from the success of the interview. The room the interview was held in was Mr. McCraw’s private cubicle in the bank, which was somewhat cut off from the rest of the bank with short wooden walls, but not completely private. My first impression was that this would hinder conversation, with the ambient noise of the daily business of the bank occurring behind us constantly. However, due to the necessary privacy of private financial conversations, the background noise was very reduced, and it felt more like a private conversation just between us rather than one in the middle of a crowded bank. However, since there was not full privacy, Mr. McCraw had to lower his voice when comparing his personal background and aspirations to those of his surrounding colleagues, which at first made it harder to understand him, but later gave the interview a secretive tone, as if we were in on a private conspiracy comparing his advantages and personal life to others, right under their noses. After this point he began laughing more and loosening up in his conversation, more willing to share personal details and jokes with me. Likewise, since the top of the cubicle was open, we stood up at multiple points in the interview so he could point out where he used to work,
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SPEECH Analysis - Hunter Hegmann Analysis While the...

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