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SPEECH Interviewee - Hunter Hegmann Interviewee Name S Neil...

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Hunter Hegmann Interviewee Name: S. Neil McCraw Position: Personal Banker Organization: Wells Fargo Bank (formerly Wachovia bank in Five Points) Address: 705 Saluda Ave. Columbia, SC 29205 Email: [email protected] Phone: 803 540 1115 Interviewee Bio: Mr. McCraw was raised by a self-proclaimed “hippie” father and corporate worker mother, which he believes gave him a valuable balanced upbringing where he was exposed to a wide variety of personalities and raised to accept them all. This, he believes, is why he is so adaptable in personal and professional settings, which has served him well in gaining his position as a Personal Banker in such a stagnant economy. Mr. McCraw attended community college before graduating from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Studio Art. He explained that this degree only showed Wachovia bank that he was dedicated to something for four years of his life, and that his personality and confidence in the interview was what got him that job. Mr. McCraw enjoys television,
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