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Math 116 FS 2010 Exam #1 Outlines. Exam #1 covers the material of sections 0.3, 1.1-1.5 textbook, For preparation study textbook sections, lecture notes, especially with additions to the textbook, carefully do all HW. Outlines . 1*. Absolute value. Solving equations and inequalities with an absolute value. 1. Definition of a function. Domain. Range. Value at a point. (Pay attention to Exercises ## 15-26 p.41). 2. Computation for difference quotient (see Exercises ## 27-32 p.41, revise HO#1, pp 3-6). 3. Piecewise defined functions. (Pay attention to Exercises ## 33-40 p.45 and lecture notes). 4. Graphs of functions. Determining Domain, Range, Value at
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Unformatted text preview: point from the graphs. Solving equations ( 29 0, f x = ( 29 f x c = , from the graph of f . Solving inequalities ( 29 f x c , ( 29 f x c from the graph of f . 5. Function Transformations and Graphs (individual and sequences). Domain and Range of Transformed functions. (Revise the HW and lecture notes for section 1.3). 6. Arithmetic of functions. Domain of , , f f g f g g . (Use lecture notes with Addition to section 1.4). 7. Composition of functions. Domain of a composition. (Read carefully the text on the bottom of the page 87 and check Example 1 on the page 88). 8. Odd/even functions and their graphs. 1...
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