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Two Worlds Alike - IAH - beneath every spectator That would...

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Brendan Johnson 9/15/10 Section 740 Two Worlds Alike Oh boy, is there anything better than cracking open a nice, cool, refreshing beer and watching some football? Probably. So why do so many Americans do it? Because it’s fun! Competitive sports have entertained American families for decades. This is why it’s such a highly valued aspect of our society, but we don’t stand alone. People all across the world watch sports, packing into stadiums, painting their chests, and cheering on their team. Once every two years, countries decide on a place to hold the Olympic Games. The location is usually an enormous bowl of concrete that holds hundreds of thousands of fans to behold the magical binding power of sports. The support of these structures must be constructed with extreme caution, so the floor doesn’t crumble
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Unformatted text preview: beneath every spectator. That would be bad. The math required to create such a place has been known for many centuries now. Thanks to the intelligent mathematicians of early Greece in 700 B.C., it is possible. The ancient Greek culture actually began the Olympic Games, but they didn’t competed for their country. They shed blood for thy almighty Zeus. Only men were allowed into the arena and only the toughest came out alive. From one on one boxing and wrestling matches to discus and javelin throwing. All the while, the fans cheer on to see more and more. Little do they know, as the fastest chariot in front finally crosses the finish line, their whole civilization is unifying, right before their eyes. This was the beginning of the Archaic Phase in Greek history....
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