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Writing Assignment 4 - technical basis of the Gothic style...

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Brendan Johnson 10/12/10 Section 740 Cathedral Architecture In the early middle ages, civilization had finally begun the restoration of their society under the rule of Charlemagne. He had unified Europe by giving rise to a Christian Empire. As the religion grew and spread, so did the cathedrals. “It was as if the whole world were shaking itself free, shrugging off the burden of the past, and cladding itself everywhere in a white mantle of churches” (French chronicle; writing of the year 1003). The Romanesque style included sculpted entrances, which depicted aspects of different stories in the Christian religion. Since it was composed of stone, the decorations mimicked those of classical antiquity. These churches were the first to rival the buildings of imperial Rome in size and beauty. As the Gothic era began a new interior design was clearly defined. The nave arcade, triforium gallery, and clerestory windows were connected by “delicate ribs” and rose in unison from the floor to the ceiling. The
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Unformatted text preview: technical basis of the Gothic style was the point at the top of each arch. The Romanesque style included rounded arches, which was limiting in width and height. One of the most beautiful elements of the Gothic churches was how the light pierced through the windows and illuminated the entire structure in such a way that it was believed to be God himself entering the holy edifice with a breathtaking serenity. Upon entering the Renaissance of Italy, cathedrals were modeled as a mix of classical and human ingenuity. Brunelleschi’s dome personified this inventive humanism. A system of internal supports connected the outer roof and interior ceiling, supporting the dome without the elaborate buttresses of Gothic style. The appearance of such cathedrals became more popular, contributing a piece of triumph in the civilizations throughout the middle age and beyond....
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Writing Assignment 4 - technical basis of the Gothic style...

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