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Cognitive - thinking through a situation rather independent Behavioral – learning through observing and examples. Depend on something else Expert knowledge - excellent knowledge about the content of a particular discipline Expert blind spots- gap between what an expert knows and what the students know Pedagogical content knowledge- knowledge about how to effectively teach a particular discipline Cognitive approach - thinking through math, broadening horizons, solving a solution to a problem Constructivist approach - formulas, techniques, memorizing a situation 4 cognitive approaches: Social cognitive Cognitive-information processing Cognitive constructivist Social constructivist Expert Knowledge vs. Pedagogical content knowledge Expert knowledge is complete or understanding of the subject itself, while pedagogical
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Unformatted text preview: knowledge is excellent understanding of how to teach the subject Teachers must… to change present instructional knowledge • Become advocates for change • Evolve into confident highly skilled mathematicians capable of relinquishing some control in instruction so students expand knowledge • Understand philosophical foundation of methods they are promoting 3 constructivist principles Make math realistic and interesting Consider students prior knowledge Make math curriculum socially interactive Students that are not math oriented may tend to lean to compartmentalization. This presents a problem, because those students may lack the ability to connect to multiple subjects and further their understanding. They will tend to memorize and spit out info. There is no thought or overlap....
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