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CMLT-C255 Sonata Forms See Groves and HDM Like Rosen, I prefer the term in the plural And the notion of family resemblances in sonata forms. Exposition A series of theme groups and cadential movements Development Old plus new material New keys important for treatment of older material The re-transition. The crux of the sonata, or how you get out of the development is always intriguing in Beethoven. Recap The main thing is the affirmation of the tonality that begins the piece and the parts of the
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Unformatted text preview: expo recur with that in mind. Coda (yes or no) This form goes well with the balanced forms of a neoclassical painting, often in three groups. It is tripartite as well, balancing two stable sections on either side of an unstable section of organization. But there is sequence in time. The painting doesn’t have that. Compare to variations form or tone poems or character pieces. The tone poem or character pieces go better with Romantic painting....
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