Timeline+for+the+Comparative+Arts - CMLT-C 255 Timeline for...

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CMLT-C 255 Timeline for the Comparative Arts, 1750-1955 1733-34 Alexander Pope, “Essay on Man” 1750 Bach dies 1755 Johnson publishes his dictionary 1776 American Revolution. Declaration of Independence. Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations 1756 Mozart born. 1759 Voltaire writes Candide 1762 Rousseau, Social Contract 1774 Goethe, Sorrows of Young Werther 1785 David, Oath of Horatii 1765 Steam engine 1769 birth of Napoleon 1770 Fuseli in Italy 1775 Turner born 1786 Goethe in Italy, Mozart, Marriage of Figaro 1787 Don Giovanni . Death of Beethoven’s mother 1789 revolutionaries storm the Bastille 1791 Mozart, Magic Flute 1792 Beethoven studies with Haydn. Gas lighting invented 1793 Louis XVI guillotined. Marat assassinated. David, Death of Marat . Cotton gin 1796 Napoleon takes command of French army in Italy.
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1799 Rosetta Stone discovered 1801 Moonlight Sonata 1802 Constable, Dedham Vale 1803 Louisiana Purchase; Beethoven works on Eroica Symphony ; Waldstein Sonata 1804 Napoleon crowns himself Emperor
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Timeline+for+the+Comparative+Arts - CMLT-C 255 Timeline for...

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