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COLL-E 103 REVIEW http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/397922/art_commentary_of_the_rape_of_the_s abine_pg2.html?cat=4 rape of sabine woman NEO-CLASSICISM AND SURREALISM Picasso’s painting Three Women (1921) is a prime example of his second Neo-Classical period. What features of this painting make it Neo-Classical? How does Three Women differ from Picasso’s Dance (1925), a painting that reflects Picasso’s association with Surrealism? The same questions may be asked using Mother and Child By the Sea (1921) as an example of Neo-Classicism and Kiss (1925) as an example of Picasso’s Surrealist- inspired work. Features that make it neoclassical: rounded, shapely figures Classical clothing, looks like columns Positioning: sitting on a block Color scheme How does it differ from dance: Dance follows more characteristics of surrealism than of neoclassical. Lights and darks alternate in a dreamed verison of a real scene. Bodies indistinguishable in a jumble of strident colors, limns amd sexual organs, convulsive (spastic, bursting, raging, paroxysmal), life cycle: innocence, maenad, death. How does it differ from kiss: Dictation of thought in the absence of all control exercised by reason, outside of all aesthetic and moral preoccupation. In general what aspects of Surrealism appealed to Picasso? How does Picasso’s Still Life (1924) reflect the impact of Surrealism? What is “biomorphic” form? the double image to create a shifting frame of reference and the idea of one  object being metamorphosed into another Interchanging lines, colours, patterns and textures, that switch from geometric to freehand, dark to light, positive to negative and plain to patterned, advance and recede in rhythms across the picture plain. Subject matter (class notes) strong erotic images, fear and fascination with death, interest in physical and emotional extremes. Biomorphist art focuses on the power of natural life and uses organic shapes, with shapeless and vaguely spherical hints of the forms of biology while these forms are abstract, they "refer to, or evoke, living forms two holes in the guitar resemble eyes, table resembles teeth. Although very different in style, both
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E103ReviewQuestionsFinal[1] - COLL-E 103 REVIEW...

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