REVIEW 1 - Tel-T 322 review Telegraph(1850s Western Union...

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Tel-T 322 review Telegraph (1850s) Western Union owned most Electrons flow bumping each other only if there is a return path; has to be a complete circuit Earth-ground became conductor (return path) Morse code : based on length of time you hold key down Only one wire, one message at a time Wires expensive, so started putting multiple signals on a single system: Multiplexing Is called harmonic telegraph at time Alexander Graham Bell Mother Eliza lost hearing: fascination with death Dad: teacher of elocution Thought/will centered around elocution (speech transmission), and problem of deafness (speech reception) Started meeting people who would give him financial backing for his supposed invention of the harmonic telegraph: Sanders and Hubbard 1873: looking for patent for harmonic telegraph Bell Patent Association Bell, Hubbard, and Sanders signed, all 3 would share equally in patents obtained 1875: race with Elisha Gray, also trying to invent harmonic telegraph, with partner Watson Gallows Transmitter: 1875 Wooden frame with mounted harmonic receiver with one end touching a tightly stretched membrane of parchment
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REVIEW 1 - Tel-T 322 review Telegraph(1850s Western Union...

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