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BUSx100 review test 2

BUSx100 review test 2 - BUS-X100 Review 1.Great mission...

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BUS-X100 Review 1.Great mission statements include a very impressive us of big words -false- simple and easy to understand 2. A major advantage of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, everyone has the same data -true, beauty, all people using same data, bad – because ppl at the top of the organization wants to use the data and believe they are more capable of using it 3. Planning and organization have replaced processes and resources as the best source of competitive advantage. -false- knowledge and information 4. planning is done in the important/urgent box of covey’s 2 by 2 prioritization matrix -false- important/not urgent 5. Gov selling bonds slows the economy -true, taking money out of pockets, slows the company 6. increased spending leads to higher interest rates from the federal reserve true, anytime they see consumer spending they raise interest rates, any time they lower is to entice spending 7. one of the duties of the federal reserve is to balance international trade -false- open market, discount rates, reserve requirements, pr 8. to combat high inflation the feredal reserve may increase discount/interest rates on the money they loan.
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