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Chapter 1 Quiz 1

Chapter 1 Quiz 1 - A Improving study skills B The...

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Chapter 1 Quiz 1 1. Wundt believed that scientific psychology should focus on analyzing consciousness and the basic elements that constitute the mind, an approach he called: A) functionalism B) structuralism C) dualism D) empiricism 2. The idea that all knowledge is attained through experience was referred to as ___________________ by the Greek philosopher Aristotle. A) Structuralism B) Functionalism C) Philosophical Empiricism D)Nativism 3. What was “The Real World” reading I assigned last class about?
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Unformatted text preview: A) Improving study skills B) The development of the American Psychological Association C) Freud’s controversial topics D) The influence of war on the development of psychotherapy 4. Who was Titchener? A) Brought Structuralism to the United States and studied under Wundt B) Was the first to study psychology using the scientific method C) Developed psychoanalysis 5. What is psychology A) the study of people B) the study of the mind and behavior C) the study of behavior D) the study of the mind...
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