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assignment 4 - 7 I felt that the velocity was easier to use...

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1. 2. About 90 th percentile 3. Around 12 years No because my graph is pretty small so the increments are not very large and makes it look like a steady increase. 4. Fill in… a. 7-8years (5 cm); b. 8-9 years (4 cm) c. 9-10 years (7 cm) d. 10-11 years (6cm) e. 11-12 years (6 cm) f. 12-13 years (9 cm) g. 13-14 years (6cm) h. 14-15years (5cm) i. 15-16 years (3 cm) j. 16-17 years (3 cm) k. 17-18years (1 cm) l. 18-19 year (1 cm) m. 19-20 years (1 cm) 5. 6. At age 12… a. I did pick the same answer as I did in 3a. because if it is the correct age the data should line up due to being the start of the spurt.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. I felt that the velocity was easier to use because the intervals were larger and would show more of a change between them 8. 12-13 due to there being a 9 cm difference in one year, the largest difference. 9. Occurred 4 times if you are counting from when it was not negative to begin with and 6 time if you are just counting between points and change in the slope. 10. No it does not mean they became shorter just means they did not grow as much within that years compared to what they had in the year/s before....
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