MTH121 sec 3.1 Activity 3.4-3.5

MTH121 sec 3.1 Activity 3.4-3.5 - 2 3 Chapter 3 OBJECTIVE...

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Unformatted text preview: 2. 3. Chapter. 3 OBJECTIVE: Represent subtraction using a set model You Will Need: Materials Card 3.4 USED [3. D Paul has 15 postage stamps. lfhe gives 8 stamps to his sister. Rebecca. how many stamps will he have then? . ' Using the squares from Materials Card 3.4. demonstrate how you could model the following arithmetic problems concretely. Write an arithmetic expression and give the result. a. b. Estella has 13 postage stamps. If she gives some stamps to her friend. Rosa. she will have 8 stamps left. How many stamps did she give to Rosa? c. Elie has 9 crackers and 6 pieces of cheese to put on the crackers. How many crackers will not have. cheese on them? d. Anna wants to collect the trading cards of all 12 members of the Chicago Bulls. 11' she now has 7 cards. how many more does she need to collect? e. Zia has a certain number of baseball trading cards. If he collects 8 more. he will have 17 cards. How many cards does he now have? - Howaretheproblemsinpartlsimilar? How are they different? Why might problem lie) be more difiicult for them? ‘54 Whole Numbers - and _ 41 l. OBJECTIVE: Represent subtraction using a measurement model You Will Need: Your centimeter strips (Activity 3. 1] 4—— D-DalkGrssn—b To build albird house. Maxime needs a board 25 cm long which he will cut from a larger board. This "take-away” approach can be modeled with your centimeter strips. For example. imagine that a blue strip is the larger board and a dark green centimeter strip represents the length he will cut off. lithe blue strip were shortened by taking away the length of the dark green as pictured. how long is the result E - D? - D=DaIkGrssn Use this take-away approach to find the following difi'erences. a. 0-1“: h. (0+RJ—Ks‘ c. [0+P}-D-= Marcie lives 13 blocks from the mall. If she has walked 6 blocks toward the mall. how many more blocks must she walk to reach the mail? In this case. we are looking for what needs to be added to 6 to obtain the result of 13. The picture bel0w illustrates how this approach would find E - D. Use your strips to solve the following: a. Y+__=0 b. K+__=O+R c. D+__=O+P ._ in these problems. you were looking for the "missing addend.‘ How do the addition problems in part 3 relate to the subtraction problems in part 2?” E: Rewrite each of the following subtraction problems into its missing-addend equivalent and find the solution. a. N-R=_ b. K~D=___ c. (0+W]-Y=_ The table to the right is the one you should have obtained in Activity 3.2. Using the mlssing-addend approach and this table. find the following diil'erences. a. N-Y=— b. O-Y=— C. K-P= d. P-R=____ Use your centimeter strips to check your results. ...
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MTH121 sec 3.1 Activity 3.4-3.5 - 2 3 Chapter 3 OBJECTIVE...

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