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11/9 Environmental quality: aesthetics and openness Design review criteria o Scale, density, massing, style o Ex: appropriate, compatible, suitable etc. Design ordinance and codes- implemented by municipal gov’ts Smart code, form-based zoning o Transect zones from center to periphery o Style books and plan books New urbanism o Street grid o Architectural fabric Linking aesthetic regulation with beauty and quality Build with existing density/scale Design review guidelines for each transect zone- assembly, curb, walkway, planter Adaptive reuse: preserving and funding building rehabilitation Rise and decline and rebirth of NE mill town o Existing structures and infrastructures o Clustering and integration Many potential benefits, coalition partners o Land and construction costs o Improved density and mixed use options
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Unformatted text preview: o Historic and cultural character • Examples of mill revitalization strategies • Real estate market implications • Environmental mitigation/remediation • Tearing down historic structures for new buildings Long-term development trends • NHPA, NRHP, etc: legislation and policy • Relevance to other forms of planning o Environmental conservation (antiquities acts) o Transportation impact mitigation (highway acts) o Environmental impact mitigation NEPA o Taxation and finance (federal, state, and local) • Preservation economic development o Heritage tourism, special districts, TDR • Unique sites distinctive areas landmarks • Expansion, refinement of tools, and techniques...
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