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11/8 Broadacre city Low rise buildings Free standing skyscrapers- symbolic of America capitalism Mixed approach for economic policy Innovative structural framework Price Tower Non rectilinear, diagonal Organic architecture, unified Pinwheel fashion, central core Mixed use of materials, uses copper because it ages Internal core- like trunk of a tree Passage ways Mixed use, apartments and office space o 2 stories Complex rich space for work and living Guggenheim Museum Model for modern museum 2 circular buildings surrounded by rectilinear structures Rotundas linked by base, smooth flowing circular forms
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Unformatted text preview: • Broader at top than bottom • Go downwards, irresistible flow downwards • Museum visitors are part of art/experience Unite • Kindergarten on roof, 300+ apartments, shopping, restaurants • No longer smooth, white plaster, machine, elevated on pilotis • Rationalism, secularism • After war, build religious sectors for church, monasteries • Mysticism, not organized religion, eternal values of spirituality back to ancient times explored in modern church- ronchamp (no right angle, emotional not rational)...
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