Intl Security 18 NuclearProliferation

Intl Security 18 NuclearProliferation -...

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18 Nuclear Proliferation Crdaten in 1955 Why fewer nuclear states than once expected? Many states wanted to but were unable to do it There are barriers A.  Costs You have to develop, its costly B.  Technology Technology constraints have indeed reduced Substantial expertise and  Long term organized effort still necessary Dealing with radioactive materials are dangerous and difficult  =t handful and then after we’ll clean the kitchen Engineering problem Legacy of the 8  QCong Even  if this is tackled you still have to split only dirt C.  International Norms Strong opposition  to proliferation Care about your int’l reputation the norm is that of he affected states  Causes of Nuclear Proliferation  Either military or political cause A.  Military-Security Considerations Must quickly access and marinating nuclear balance 1.  nuclear adversary ? First wave of Deltas
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18 Nuclear Proliferation 2.  dependable ally? Are you bale table to balance 3.  conventional (non-nuclear) alternatives? Y
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Intl Security 18 NuclearProliferation -...

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