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Lecture Topics 2 Basic Concepts Basic Concepts (2) The Uses of Force I. Direct Use of Force vs. Indirect Use of Force (Coercion) Schelling - "The Diplomacy of Violence" / coercion force is most useful when you don't see pain and distraction greatest failure was Vietnam, lots of pain and force but we didn't succeed the Cuban Missile crisis was a very effective indirect use of force where we got out way. When an individual or state is engaged in coercion/indirect use of force the objective is a demonstration of power. Mainly a message you're sending. It makes threat more credible. example: Godfather -Johnny Fontain Italian American singer that wants to get into movies. Godfather sends a message by cutting off head of prize racehorse and putting horse head in the bed. example: US decision to drop bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end a message to the Japanese to show what could be done. Message also to government in Moscow, Soviet Union. There will indeed be a new world order example: terrorism. they are highly engaged in indirect use of force. They are trying to coerce governments to change their policies by continuing violent acts. Revenge
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IntlSecurity 2BasicConcepts - LectureTopics2BasicConcepts...

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