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Cameron Tanner February 10, 2011 Oil on the Brain, Ch. 1 1) Summarize the Chapter including updates to key data discussed in the chapter. Cite your Sources. The first chapter of “Oil on the Brain” is about the author, Lisa Margonelli, and the experiences she has while observing a Twin Peaks gas station. The author begins the chapter by describing gas stations as a store where impulse purchases are very important. One example of this is that Margonelli tells readers that the “Corn Gone Wild” corn nuts that she has noticed is but one item that is part of an enormous $4.4 billion salty snack food industry sold at gas station convenient stores on a yearly basis. The market for salty snacks is fuelled by our insatiable need for gasoline. In fact, Margonelli states that nearly 140 billion gallons of gasoline are consumed in the United States on a yearly basis by 2007. As of 2009 though, consumption had fallen to about 137.9 billion gallons a year.(1a) She also makes sure to point out that although gas stations may be bland to many of us, there are more to these stores than meets the eye. Margonelli continues by saying that in many ways a gas station is a magnet for “bad people.” She states that gas stations lost roughly $2,141 in gasoline theft yearly and on average $1,749 to robbery in 2004. To combat such incidents gas station owners use hedges around the outside of the store to limit escape routes for possible robbers and “target hardening” kits which are decals that include rulers so that clerks can tell the police how tall the thieves were. On the flip side, crimes at gas stations sometimes have
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nothing to do with money. Some violence at gas stations has occurred because of the prejudices of a few towards employees of Indian and Middle Eastern decent. But
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OilontheBrain - Cameron Tanner February 10, 2011 Oil on the...

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