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kLecture 1 Cont. Geog 1101: Physical geography deals with Earth’s natural processes and their outcomes Human geography reveals how and why geographical relationships are important Regions have similar attributes distinct from their attributes of other places Particular elements of culture: values, political institutions, etc. Cultural identity – constitute through individual beliefs, social forms The larger/ higher level scale we look at, the more connected people become If everything is cultural then it loses its value Remote sensing: - Remotely sensed images can provide new ways of seeing the world. - Come from satellite images in space - Ex: aero photography - Government uses it to keep tabs on what’s going on
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Unformatted text preview: -Location has special relationships -Latitude -Longitude-Prime meridian Site vs. situation Geographic information systems (GIS) involve an organized set of computer hardware, and spatially cooked data. Space is everything Notion of complementarily demand on one side of the relationship and the supply on the other Locate related activities as close together as possibly Think about the economy on an scale Transferability- cost of moving over time and the ability of pay back the moment; Spacial diffusion - the way that things spread over time and space-ex: spread of HIV -2 kinds: ex of expansion & ex of hierarchy -Expansion has to do with how close things are to one another `...
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