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Boise State University Digital Systems Laboratory Electrical and Computer Engineering Department ECE230L Page 1 of 1 Fall 2010 Lab 6: Arithmetic Unit Name: ______________________________ Objective: Design, build, and test an adder/subtractor unit In class lecture, you have been shown how to build a larger functional unit using a basic module (with functionality verified). In this lab, you will apply a similar process to build an arithmetic unit with add and subtract functions. This arithmetic unit is to be controlled using just one control bit. Let’s call this control signal add / sub . When add / sub is 0, the arithmetic unit will add . Otherwise, it will function as a subtractor . The arithmetic units in the Xilinx ISE libraries are not allowed. The following are what you are expected to complete for this laboratory assignment (during laboratory time): 1. Design a full-adder for addition of two 1-bit numbers. 2.
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