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R5.2 - Jeremy Ney WRIT 026 Traweek Gleig Ann"Freud...

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Unformatted text preview: Jeremy Ney WRIT 026 Traweek Gleig, Ann. "Freud, Rolland, and the ‘Oceanic Feeling’." The Diamond Approach, Department of Religious Studies: Rice U n i v e r s i ty, 2 0 0 9 . Web. 1 N o v 2 0 1 0 . http://www.ahalmaas.com/PDF/culture_narcissism.pdf Says: Ann Gleig introduces Romain Rolland’s view on religion and the oceanic feeling. Freud shoots down Rolland’s request to analyze this aspect of religion and instead presents his own notions about ego and early development. Other psychoanalysts are cited and their analyses are broken down into three different sub categories. Freud replaces mysticism and the oceanic feeling with a primary narcissism resulting from an infantile state of omnipotence. Does: Introduces a train of thought and discusses its impact. References another authority who counters and provides a different analysis on the first work. Makes it seem as though the second analysis is correct as further evidence is provided for it. Uses quotation of authority and others’ experience to take Rolland’s initial perspective and broaden the scope to find the true source of religion ...
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