KIC000102 - 1 CE 332 - Introduction to the Flexibility...

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1 CE 332 - Introduction to the Flexibility Method Please Read and Reference Chapter 10 from the Hibbeler text Applying the Flexibility Method to solve Linear Elastic, Statically Indeterminate Structures Flexibility Method (A.K.A) Method of Consistent Deformations Method of Super Position Force Method We will be solving 1 and 2 degree externally indeterminate structures by satisfying: Equilibrium Compatibility The concept of compatibility is based on the physical reality that the structure must fit together. There can be no gaps or overlaps within the members and the deflected shape must be consistent with the constraints imposed by the supports, When a structure is indeterminate, it is said to have redundancy, meaning there are additional reactions present which are not necessary to maintain stability. Since equilibrium must be satisfied, there must be at least 3 reactions present and no geometric instabilities. Based on this information, the degree of indeterminacy will be equal to the number ofredundants present. Example 1 Determine the reactions and draw the moment diagram for this structure. EI = constant ___ .~ x L First, determine the degree of indeterminacy: Reactions = 4 Equations of Equilibrium = 3 Therefore, there is one more unknown than equations of statics to evaluate for the reactions. We need one additional equation which will be based on the compatibility of the structure.
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'I Select redundant(s)
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KIC000102 - 1 CE 332 - Introduction to the Flexibility...

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