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Department of Mathematics Problem Set # 1 University of Toronto Deadline: Thursday September 30, 6:10 p.m. MAT137Y, 2010-2011 Winter Session Assignment Posted/Revised: September 16, 2010 Read the following instructions carefully! In contains guidelines on handing in assignments for this course. For solutions to all problem sets, please remember that when you are asked to find or calculate something you must justify that what you have found is correct and complete. You may use results from your lecture to help in your justification. You are learning to present your results in a clear and convincing manner. Thus, you will be graded on your presentation and justification; we are not simply verifying whether you know the answer. Present your solutions with complete sentences. Pretend the marker does not know how to solve the question. Before you start on your first assignment, read the handouts called “How to Solve Problems” and “Writing Up Solutions” from our course website. Calculators Prohibited . Unless otherwise specified, do not use calculators in the problem sets. The questions are designed so that you can do all problems without a calculator; furthermore, this provides practice for your quizzes, term tests, and final exam, where calculators are prohibited. Required Information . The front page must include your name, student number, your tutorial code (which will be assigned to you when tutorial rooms are announced), and the name of your teaching assistant. Failure
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Problem Set 1 - Department of Mathematics University of...

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