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6 Metabolism continued

6 Metabolism continued - Biology141(Physiology 1:01 AM...

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4/6/08 1:01 AM Biology141 (Physiology) Page 1 of 3 https://courses.bio.psu.edu/spring2008/biol141/Lecture%206(2008).htm Biology141 (Physiology) Lecture 6 M. Whim CELL RESPIRATION AND METABOLISM continued . [1]. HOW MUCH ATP IS MADE BY THE AEROBIC RESPIRATION OF GLUCOSE? numbers are variable. difference between actual and theoretical yield. actual yield 30-32 ATP’s per molecule of glucose. [2]. LIPID METABOLISM. (a). Where are lipids stored? mainly in adipocytes as triglycerides. body content of lipids turned over regularly. (b). How is energy extracted from lipids? by hydrolysis of triglycerides to glycerol and fatty acids . glycerol enters glycolysis pathway ( ATP). fatty acids are converted (by beta oxidation ) to acetyl coenzyme A which enters the Krebs cycle ( ATP). fatty acids can result in the synthesis of lots of ATP. some fatty acids are also converted to ketone bodies in the liver (function?). What can happen if high levels of ketone bodies are produced?
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