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Question #2 In my research on coral harvesting and trading, I found it to be a very popular trade. Every year approximately 3,000 tons are traded internationally. This large amount of coral being traded is having a huge impact on the coral reefs. Coral reefs grow at a very slow pace, but at the rate coral is being harvested the size of coral is quickly diminishing. Even though coral is a small part of the ocean about twenty five percent of marine wildlife live in coral reefs. Coral is harvested for everything from jewelry, to calcium, to research in new medicine. The biggest contributor to this number is Indonesia. Most of the coral harvesting in the world takes place off the coasts of East Africa, South Asia, and the in the Pacific Ocean.
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Unformatted text preview: However even though coral harvesting primarily takes place in these areas the United States in the number one importer of coral, importing eighty percent of coral harvested, for things such as jewelry and for use in aquariums. The United States had begun to realize that the amount of coral reefs have begun diminishing quite quickly and have been pushing for laws and restrictions on coral harvesting. Journal: References:
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