Framing the 1967 Detroit Riots

Framing the 1967 Detroit Riots - David Rozman 10/10/11 Am....

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David Rozman 10/10/11 Am. Cult 301 Paper 2 Framing the 1967 Detroit Riots The Detroit Riots of 1967 are one of the worst moments in the history of the city of Detroit. It is a time that will never be forgotten in this city. Up until those riots Detroit was booming. People were moving in from all over the country and businesses were doing so well throughout the 20 th century. Then in a blink of an eye, it turned to absolute chaos. Though there were many racial issues going on throughout the city of Detroit, it all came into focus. Whether it was police brutality, housing issues, or just an overall demographic change in the city, people did not like what was going on throughout Detroit. The riot began because of a raid on a party in a predominantly black area of Detroit. The police were instructed to arrest any on scene and it ended up being just fewer than a hundred people. A mob crowded around asking for their release and resulted in absolute insanity throughout the city over five days later. About fifty people were killed and almost two hundred injured over the course of those five days. Immediately following the riots everything in Detroit changed. People flooded out of the city and the demographic changed completely. Businesses started to go down and move out of the city. A result of this is the Detroit that I grew up knowing throughout my whole. Until just recently, the city was a place that nothing happened in, well except for crime. Other than a few sports championships over those 45 odd years, the city has seen very little change in its overall
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Framing the 1967 Detroit Riots - David Rozman 10/10/11 Am....

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