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Start Your Own Small Business: Lesson 7 (printer-friendly version) Your Instructor: Kris Solie-Johnson INSTRUCTIONS: To print this page, wait for the page to fully load. Once the document is ready to print, simply click your browser's File menu and choose Print . To save this page, click your browser's File menu and choose Save As . Select a disk drive and folder to receive the file, and change the name of the file to less07.htm . To view the file while you are offline, just go to the drive and folder you selected when you saved the file and double-click the file named less07.htm . Your browser will start and you will have access to the file. Chapter 1 Introduction Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising. Mark Twain What is it that makes your business a busy, happy, thriving place? Why do people come to you instead of your competitor? How does a businessperson get that unmistakable feeling of success? The answer is sales—and lots of them. And advertising helps make the sales happen. Advertising is often as important to a small business as location, start-up capital, and management. Without advertising, you have no way to tell prospective customers about your products or services—and you cannot sell to people who don't know about you. You may think advertising is tacky. Or maybe it clutters up your favorite TV program. But promotion is critical to keep your personal wheels of commerce turning. With enough time and money, you could experiment endlessly to find successful ads for your business. However, no one has unlimited time and money. And a good ad—even a great ad—is not enough to make your advertising budget really effective. To do the most good, your advertising should be organized into a complete promotion program. To a small businessperson, advertising and promotion are critically important. Yet they are constantly confounding. You must advertise, or you'll be left behind by the competition and forgotten by your customers. But the small businessperson is the least able to pay for it. Since you don't have a monster-sized budget, you can't afford the high-priced advertising professionals you need to help you. Therefore, you'll be tempted to experiment with your precious cash. I can tell you that you will never have more opportunities to waste your money. Advertising must pay for itself by generating higher sales immediately. Your budget will never be large enough to risk on an ad or promotion just because it sounds like a good idea. Today you will get the basic information you need to construct an advertising and promotion strategy that will make the most of your budget. You'll see the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of media advertising. And we'll develop a system for implementing your advertising strategy.
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lessons.cgi - Start Your Own Small Business: Lesson 7...

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