For Reflection 584 and 586

For Reflection 584 and 586 - grown in China People will...

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Alex Wittenberg 3/26/07 Reflection pg. 584 Yi’s cure for the opium trade could either be very successful or have devastating results. Either everything will happen the way he says they will happen, or people can become even more addicted and it can spread even further through China, making it a staple trade crop. I think that it won’t work because after the taxations or strict rules, the opium consumers will return to foreign trade for opium. The suggested “heavy taxation” and “strict rules” would work to ensure the gradual disappearance only for the opium
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Unformatted text preview: grown in China. People will still continue to smuggle the opium through the borders. Reflection pg. 588 I think that the traditional Chinese distaste for female rule accentuated Cixi’s ambitions. She wanted to show everyone around her that a woman can rule and that they can have a high intelligence. The Chinese system tried to offer measures to modernize the government, but Cixi always resisted....
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