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Mega regions NE- original Metro areas: Texas Triangle, Florida, S. CA- SD; professional sports franchises located in metro areas for business Economic integration Growth management: state level Hawaii: strong state regulation; states w/ significant island/coastline/small element have stronger state level growth management Oregon: model of good planning compared to other states; state government mandates that all cities/plans must plan/have a strategy; urban growth boundary- protect agricultural farmland Vermont: outskirts of NE corridor region; major highway corridors that converge
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Unformatted text preview: heredealing with impacts; integration of agriculture and tourism Florida: regional impact; huge coast line, FL everglades- ecological protected system with economic benefits due to its human attraction CA: does not reflect state level growth management, referendum and initiative NJ: More recent efforts Maryland- smart growth; Baltimore/Metro DC, Chesapeake Bay Rhode Island: small state= region Georgia: Metro Atlanta; suburban sprawl; limiting growth management. Fastest sprawling in SW Washington: Puget Sound;...
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