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11/3 Glass house- Phillip Johnson international style, experimental exposes you to outside world, heightens awareness to world around you allude to American modernism (frank Lloyd wright) recreated from Barcelona pavilion; modern brick house- theatrically lit to allude to classical past, arch present traditional arch tainted by misuse of it by fascist powers in 1930s post-war America 1940s/50s- economic growth; forward-looking, gleaming arch. 1950s access to edu., entertainment, other resources due to economic growth Lever House, Park Ave., NY horizontal platform over sea of traffic building reflects surroundings, transparent all glass curtain wall; internal steel framework that supports glass international style transparent and lightweight extravagant, high quality materials large amount of open space, used as lobby model for corporate skyscraper abstract expressions in modern art, leaning surfaces, thinness held in place by non
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Unformatted text preview: structural thin metal • rational, organized most houses built traditional International style-• mies van der Rohe: dark glass, somber • Park ave- corporate zone, no residential left, erection of other glass skyscrapers Seagram Building-• More expensive, extravagant than Lever House • Great square/plaza in front of tower, gives building public character; urbanism, two symmetrical shallow reflecting pools, tower, series of low attached wings in back (for different administrative services) • For seagram liquor company • Seagram headquarters • No set backs, rectilinear, flat roof, theatrically lit at night • Steel I beam dipped in bronze; profile appears as capital “I”, steel frame construction, celebrates as basic element of post war American construction •...
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