11:23 environmental planning

11:23 environmental planning - Ch 16 Environmental policy...

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Ch. 16 Environmental policy and planning Environmental awareness Pinchot : established US Forest Service in 1905, strong views on need for managing forests in interests of long term commercial development, managed like crop Good management=conservation Emerson: “nature cannot be cheated” Thoreau: embraced nature’s role for the spiritual nourishment of humans “Economics of superabundance prevailed” New Deal 1930s, Tennessee Valley Project - integrated resource management through flood control, hydroelectric power generation, erosion control, and reforestation; US Soil Conservation Service 1935 - org. providing programs/service in soil and water conservation; expansion of public domain with new forests, abortive attempt to bring all federal land responsibilities together in Department of Conservation Other environmental groups 1960s/70s- Conservation Foundation Natural Resources Defense Council and Environmental Defense Fund National Audobon Society National Wildlife Federation Sierra Club Wilderness Society Influential figures : writings for environmental celebration Lewis Mumford : urbanization Renee Dubos : drugs and their effect on microorganisms and “the chain of life” Aldo Leopold : on a land ethic Paul Ehrlich : on over population Rachel Carson: Silent spring on pesticides (DDT, banned under 1970 Clean Air Act) David Brower: leader of Sierra Club… helped rekindle transcendental values by Thoreau and Muir, preservationist movement national policy-making The First Earth Day Environmental disasters added to concern public became sensitive to disasters April 22 1970 : teach-ins, litter collection, pouring of oil into reflecting pool to the Standard Oil Company of CA as protest against oil slicks March 21 1970: Earth Day —brought together wide range of supporters for environmental protection, celebration of nature and life on planet National Environmental Policy Act : passed by congress, requiring all federal agencies to take account of environmental factors Environmental Control of Federal Programs Form of controls operated by government over actions of private bodies Modern society—activity undertaken by gov’t itself, through agencies; activities include:
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development of natural resources building of roads dredging of harbors to administration of national parks promotion of funding of social programs conduct of military operations Gov’t responsible for protecting environment from harmful private actions, yet harmful—nuclear power/military investments Gov’t operates by dividing its functions into manageable parts with specific responsibilities o NEPA : requires all federal agencies to the fullest extent possible carry out their functions in accordance with environmental policies—action forcing procedures, requirement for Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) : for agencies to determine implications of EIS for proposed action Qualifications: federal agencies have to abide by regulations made
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11:23 environmental planning - Ch 16 Environmental policy...

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