11:29 notes - Brutalism associated with large scale...

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11/29/10 Brutalism : associated with large scale, concrete, rough edged arch. Of 1960s . meaning has been distorted over years- negative connotation. Coined by British architects- today- large scale, concrete found on American college campuses everywhere. Originially from Smithson- rough brutal poetry dragged from everyday life/mass produced items Ex. Paul Art and Arch building, Dereck S House Britain devastated after WWII War exhausted Britain’s resources Develops strong culture out of working class communities, tougher edge Different sensibility from American international style—very elegant Smithsons- strong relationship to America; mixed feelings towards US, both admire and question it. Admire (post-war america) industry, energy, advertising, commercial culture, architectural models for steel-framed toughness and directness. o Smithson. . school Norfolk project, materials were rationed, limited in steel, brick work cruder, rougher edge o Emphasize clarity, articulate every building element, no focus on
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11:29 notes - Brutalism associated with large scale...

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